Your go to guide for
Using the Aero Press

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Your go-to guide for The perfect cup of coffee using the Aero press

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Story Time

Once upon a time there was a man called Alan Adler. Alan was an inventor, known for inventing aerodynamic toys, such as a football with fins. Very weird yes. Time went by and Alan got patent of various electronics and aerodynamics. One day at the office Alan went up the coffee machine exited to have a break with his coffee. The coffee just came out a bit weird and watery. This didn’t stop Alan, so Alan started to experiment with the cone and put it on top of his cup and did a pour-over coffee instead. Months went by and the idea was blooming and Alan was determined to make the perfect cup of coffee, in the easiest way. This Alan without a college degree invented the beautiful Aero Press in 2005. He now spends his days teaching at Standford University. What. A. Man.


(3-4 minutes of your time)

Step one: Grind your beans

Once again… GRIND THOSE BEANS! It’s so important in making a good cup of coffee, that you use freshly grounded coffee. Grind 35 grams of coffee beans to a coarse texture. I know 35 grams sounds like a lot, but we are talking about the perfect cup here, so it’ll be worth it.

STEP TWO: Boil your water

If you have a kettle that shows the temperature, you are looking for 85 degrees. If you don’t, simply just let it reach boiling point, and let it settle for a few minutes.

STEP three: rinse your filter

Rinse the filter with water to get rid of any chance of the filter adding some unwanted flavor into your coffee.

step four: mixing time

Get your mug, and add the coffee, filter, and pour in the water. You need to pour almost to the top or 1.5 ml of hot water, to be correct. Now take a spoon and stir it around a bit.

STEP TWO: Flip it

Flip your Aero Press over your mug, and press down the plunger slowly. If you’re looking for a more americano kind of coffee instead of espresso, then add some more water in the cup until satisfied.

A little tip. If you’re looking for a latte experience, heat up some milk over the stove and use your French Press to create the froth. Simply pull and push the plunger up and down as fast as you can for about a minute.


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