It's Time To Make The Best Cold Brew

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The cold brew You may ask?

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Story Time

So in this ‘story time’ we are going to Japan. Kyoto, Japan to be exact. In the 1600s the Japanese used to make coffee this way. It was an easy method that didn’t involve a lot of labor and the coffee didn’t need any additional sugar or milk, because of its natural sweetness. The U.S. quickly got inspired by the method, and the cold brew became an addition to thousands of cafes’ menu card.
Today us Millenials don’t have time for a long steeping process, so the modern cold brew came to life, using nitrogen. Now you see it at cafes poured like beer from a tap. I know it sounds like an odd drink, but give yourself that gift and make a smooth cup of cold brew, that takes more than 12 hours to make…

Know The Facts


(Around 15 hours of your time…)

Step one: Grind your beans

Cold Brew needs a specific grind. So set your grinder (if you can) to coarse. You will need 0.5 cup of ground coffee. The reason why it’s important is that the coarse ground keeps the brew from getting bitter overnight, and leaves a smooth and more sweet taste


STEP TWO: Add ice cold water

Measure out 4 cups of ice-cold water and pour both the coffee ground and water into your French Press/jar/container or what you have in your kitchen that seals the coffee.
Just so you know, this measures out 1 liter of cold-brewed coffee.

STEP three: WAIT

Leave it in the fridge overnight.

step four: Enjoy

Press down the French Press or if you’ve kept it in a jar/container, then pour it over a filter and into another jar. And there you have it. Your homemade cold-brewed coffee.