Your go to guide for the best French Press Coffee

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Your go-to guide for the perfect French press

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Story Time

If you have never had a French press coffee, you have been missing out! It super smooth and rich on aromas, but actually not as easy to make as it looks like.

Many people don’t know the French press, but the technique has actually been around for over 100 years and the current design was actually invented by an Italian. Not a French… (I know, some things just don’t make sense.)

The French press is personally my go-to coffee in the morning. It just fulfills my morning coffee craving so beautifully.

Let me break it down to you in steps, and you will master the French press in no time. Just make sure you start with a good French press coffee maker and you are good to go.


(10-12 minutes of your time)

Step one: Grind your beans

No surprise. No good coffee comes from bad coffee beans. There are so so many different coffee beans out there. Just going to the supermarket can be a trip, from all the many variants. When we talk about the French press I would buy the medium roasted and for the best cup of coffee regardless of the technique, freshly grind gives you the best result.

If you’re in it to win it, I recommend buying your own coffee grinder. It’s one of my small happy moments every day when I grind my coffee beans and smell that amazing fresh coffee smell in the morning. So go get that grind on and grind your coffee to medium.

STEP TWO: Boil your water

If you want to go for the perfect cup, I recommend you buying good quality water from the supermarket, like Aqua d’Or. The tap water is very harsh and lack of minerals, which is not good for your body, and especially not for your coffee quality. Try to make a cup of French press with tap water and Aqua d’Or, and see if you can taste the difference. Just as there are different wines and beers, there is a big difference in the waters you drink.

After you have boiled the water, you let it settle to around 93C/200F. If the water is too hot when you pour it over your coffee ground, the taste with appears more bitter.

Now depending on how many cups you’re making, you calculate it with 250ml pr. person. In a normal French press, there is usually for 8 cups of coffee.

STEP three: mix

Now for the recipe. If you’re awesome, you have just boiled your Aqua d’Or and ground your coffee beans, so now you measure one tbsp pr. cup and put it in your French press. Then you slowly pour half of the water into your French press and lets it settle for about 2 minutes and then pour the rest of the water in. By letting it settle for 2 minutes before adding the rest of the water, you allow the coffee to bloom.

step four: wait

After you’ve poured the rest of the water in, let the French press chill for about 4 minutes. You now see the coffee at the top with some white foam, so take a spoon and stir a bit at the top, so the coffee settles.

Now, about that white foam. Remove it. It’s some sort of impurities from the coffee, and we are going after a clean cup of coffee here people.

STEP five: wait some more

Leave it for another 4 minutes. At least.
The longer you’re gonna leave it, the stronger it gets and better is gonna taste (in my opinion). And here is why. While it sits, some floating bits fall down to the bottom. And that is exactly what we want, because you don’t want those in your cup and add bitterness to the taste after all that patience to avoid exactly that.

STEP six: Press it!

At last, you press it slowly, just a centimeter down, so it slightly touches the coffee. You don’t want to ruin the magic going on, and you will by pressing it all the way down. So just down enough so you can use it as a filter when you pour the coffee.

So enjoy your clean, silky, rich cup of coffee. The perfect cup of French press.


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