The Coffee Kids donation

Who Is Coffee Kids

Coffee Kids is an organization located in Bosten, and run by three inspirational people; Stephan Koch, Janka Rokob and Jesko Johannsen. They provide the fundraising to help support their offices in Central America, Columbia, and Tanzania, where young farmers receive entrepreneurial training, mentorship, and learn skills to help them open businesses and trust in their dreams. 

Have you ever heard about the saying “slavery in a cup”? The coffee business is serious hard work, and in many regions generations have worked for slaves at a coffee plantation. With this platform, I wanted the opportunity to try and give back. Coffee for us isn’t just the best thing in the morning, it’s an experience. So I found a non-profit organisation who felt the same way. Coffee Kids help young farmers, by realising their full potential and their place in the coffee community.

What Do They Do?

The entrepreneurship training helps the young farmers to reach their full potential and become confident in their community. They give them space to be creative and develop ideas within their businesses. Besides the personal development of the young farmers, Coffee Kids also help them with the financial side and teach them how to structure the administration part of owning a coffee business.

This organization makes so much sense for me. By helping the young generation of farmers and giving them a good start of their business, their employees will benefit and the generations to come. If you think about it, it’s a new wave within the coffee community. No more slavery or poor working conditions. The young farmers get a new role and place in the supply chain. A change in history. And with all of that, we can enjoy our favorite drink in the morning knowing it’s been made by passionate young entrepreneurs. It’s a way of securing the coffee future people!  

Just imagine how many families you help, by starting with one passionate young farmer.
It’s a change in their society! 

Go check out their website here, and read more about it. There’s plenty of ways to donate. Give a goat? a chicken? the money worth of two cups of coffee? Whatever you feel, do it with the love to make a change for the young farmers. Have you been drinking coffee your entire life without giving back, then now is your chance (and maybe a really good idea to be honest…).