How to make good and smooth pour over coffee

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Story Time

Pour-Over coffee has been used for since the 1900s and probably before that, but was rediscovered within the recent year in the coffee movement. Pour-Over is considered to taste better than drip coffee, since the technique of pouring water over the coffee in a special temperature, lets the aromas shine in a different way than drip coffee machines. Compared to other methods, this method catches the coffee oils in a more efficient way which leads to a cleaner cup of coffee.

Pour-Over has its flaws. Since it’s manual work, many uneducated can use it wrong and mess up the measurements. But if you study the method and learn how to do it right, it’s a cheap and great way of making coffee. 


(3-4 minutes of your time)

Step one: Grind your beans

Find your bag of rich coffee beans and grind 52 grams in a coarse texture.

STEP TWO: Boil your water

Boil a bit more than 700 grams of water to about 85 degrees. If you can’t tell the temperature on your kettle, then let it boil and set for about 2 minutes.

STEP three: rinse your filter

Pour a bit of hot water in your pour-over/Chemex to rinse the filter from any unwanted flavor and to heat up your pour-over/Chemex to make the temperature more consistent while we’re brewing.

STEP four: Blooming time

Now pour in your coffee and add about 100 grams of water and let it bloom for 1.5 minutes. The blooming let the coffee oils go wild and the aromas come together. You can see this process since the coffee is actually “growing” with bobbles in the pot.

STEP five: brewing time

Start by pouring over the rest of the water in a slow circular motion. Try to only pour over the coffee ground and not straight on the filter. When you “touched” all the coffee then move your kettle to the center and pour over the rest of the water. Still slow though.

step six: enjoy

Once the coffee has finished draining, take out your filter, and pour yourself a smooth coffee. Try to notice if you can taste how less bitter the coffee tastes with this method compared to other methods.


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